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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Some more stuff

I've been a little remiss in adding to this, but we all know where the road of good intentions leads to, right? I did receive the requirements for the Master Knitter and Master Crocheter courses but I'm going to wait until I get back from China to dive into that.

You didn't know I'm going to China? YES, I AM!!! My grandson, Nick Hook is teaching in China for a year and his mom, my daughter-in-law April Morthland, and I are going to visit. We are beyond excited about it, and I am planning to upload a slideshow of photos whenever I can get the laptop plugged in. I'm on Facebook too, but since Facebook is blocked in China, this will be my only alternative. So, before we leave, I'll email people to give them the link, and also have the link on Facebook. Be sure to bookmark it!!

It's hard to know what to pack, the weather will be cold, so not much different from here. I want to leave room to bring back stuff, primarily lengths of silk and some tea. I'm taking along my knitting and my Kindle...still dithering about the portable DVD player though. There will be a 16 hour flight to Beijing and then a 12 hour train ride to Xi'an, where we will see the terra cotta soldiers. There's going to be a lot of travel on planes and trains (and maybe a few automobiles) during our 11 day stay.

So, until next time......


  1. Hey Suzy! When exactly are you going to China? Before or after camp?

    Have a good day -- stay warm!!

  2. I'm leaving tomorrow morning (Jan 25th) and will be back on Feb. 4th. Camp is exactly one month after that! My daughter is coming with me to Camp since I'm driving and she doesn't want me to do that by myself.

  3. ::::waving a white hankie of bon voyage:::: You have a fantastic time, dear friend! I am so tickled for you! Be safe!